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Doc Dave’s House of Modz update

Doc Dave’s House of Modz update


So there is less chance of people missing the last post Doc Dave made I thought I would share it here as well. It contains updates to some items and some information you should be aware of for ordering some of his incredible work. I own a Mini B myself and could not be happier with it’s performance.

Two shots of my Mini B by Doc Dave on a ChiGG, running dual coil/wick with a single piece of Kanthal rated at .54ohms

mini-b2 mini-b

Here is his latest update from the Facebook groupDoc Dave’s House of Modz:

I am finishing up the turbine and bliss v3 run I will be starting to send payment information out soon.

I am starting a micro run, please don’t pm me asking for one I will make them available here and vaporwall when finished.

I am not happy with the 22DD and will be reworking the cap before I move forward with the production.

I have all the isolators shipped they come in a plain white envelope.

I will also not respond to pm’s regarding any atomizer for sale, if I have any for sale I will list them here and vaporwall. I will not sell anything by way of pm’s any longer.

If you have any questions regarding upcoming sales please ask here after you have read back a few posts to make sure that your answer hasn’t been answered already. I will post my updates in this thread and others may also be able to help out if you post your questions in this thread.

I really need to focus on customer service, production and new stuff, the more pm’s that I have to look at the longer I need to make new mods.

Thanks for understanding



  1. I am looking for a replacement glass tank for my TI steam Turbine. Help please. I cant find one anywhere!!!

  2. I’m looking for a replacement cap for my micro SS. Will I have any luck? Please email me 🙂

    • Your best bet is to contact Doc Dave through his Facebook group. Only he can get replacements as far as I can find.

  3. Doc Dave, your steam turbine is the bomb. I like it so mutch that I bought two. I would like to find spare parts like insulators, screws and such. Thanks Deric.

  4. I have a reactor hybrid mod and was wondering where can I purchase the adapter for the reactor tank to have a 510 connection to use on other mods since the reactor tank is a direct connection when the mod bought from you. It is a awesome mod I would just like to use the reactor tank on some of my other mods without having to buy another reactor tank just to have the 510 connection on the bottom of it

    • Corey, this is not Doc Dave’s page, but I will see if I can find an answer for you.


  5. Desperately need replacement insulators and orings for my 2 Ti Turbines and 1 Reactor. Please help! Anyone? Anyone?

    • Try his Facebook group, Doc Dave’s new house of mods.

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